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Happy Friday to me

April 18, 2006

I should be going to sleep right now but I’m going to clear my head so I can sleep nice. I’ve done naps the last two nights and I’m hating this sleep schedule. Last night I went to Omaha and we didn’t get to the hotel til 1:30 CST and had to go back to the airport at 5am. So basically I slept 3 hrs. There were times on the flight this morning I had no idea what was going on and had to stop and really focus on what I was doing. It’s outrageous. The night before last I did a Dothan, AL nap which was a piece of cake. 8.5 hrs on the ground and only a 30 min flight, but it’s hard for me to go to sleep and the alarm in the room started to go off extra early so I still didn’t sleep much. Then good old ATC turned our 30 min flight into almost an hour. Blah blah blah.

Last night we were in the lounge waiting for our plane to arrive and one of the rampers came in and asked who was going to Colombus last night. They had hooked up the ground power to the plane and then driven the truck away without unhooking it and pulled a part of the side of the plane off. These are the brilliant people we have working the ramp in Atlanta. It was funny though and we all wished he had done it to our plane so we could go home. My captain last night told me about a flight attendant who told everyone the flight was to Maconga. (This makes me laugh just thinking about it). Everyone, including the pilots were really confused. She went up there and showed them the downline with all the flight info on it and sure enough, at the top it said MACON,GA. It obviously takes a lot of brains to work in the airline industry.

I told my pilot’s yesterday that I broke my armpit, cause it hurts really bad and I don’t know why. It was pretty much the entertainment of the trip – talking about getting it x-rayed, then getting a cast on it, wearing it for 6 months (cause that’s how long broken armpits take to heal), the resulting hairiness and smelliness, how noone would want to fly with me, and how if I didn’t get it fixed it’d heal wrong and I’d be the girl with the crooked armpit and noone would want to fly with me then either and no man would ever love me. My FO said that once he broke his butt and now he has a crack in it :-P. He said they used to freak his little cousin out by saying that it was weird that he had a crack in his butt cause noone else did. The Captain got cat scratch fever in his armpit… He had to have it amputated.. hehe. Good times. (He really did get cat scratch fever though.)

It’s so nice to be home for a few days. I’m hoping to work or something in between but I’ll be happy if I can just get a decent night’s sleep.

One thing that I realized I despise, in myself and others, is insecurity. Probably more so in myself than in others because I can’t know the reasons for other people’s insecurities. But they just frustrate me. I hate my feelings and/or actions being controlled by silly, often unfounded thoughts that I have about myself. I tried on swimming suits and sunglasses yesterday, which reminded me of this. I would like to not worry about what other people think and just say, as long as I am happy with X then that’s all that matters. I would like to see that in those I care about as well. I hate when someone is scared to speak up, even just to give their opinion, cause they’re afraid of the response.

I also hate neighbor’s that have annoying dogs that bark ALL DAY LONG. I’m going to go kill it….. ahhhhh…. silence

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