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Labels don’t lie

April 14, 2006

My lesson of the week:
When the label on your medicine says to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, it really means it. What they need to clarify is that excessive actually means any.
I’ve been on an antibiotic since last week to clear up the sinus infection I had. It’s been working and I’m well now which is fantastic. Yesterday I met my friend at Starbucks and we were sitting outside talking, enjoying the weather, and watching people. I kept checking my arms because on Tuesday I had gotten a little sunburned and it was itching like crazy and didn’t want to get burned more. After about an hour and a half (I don’t consider this to be an excessive amount of sunlight) we saw a couple that I knew and the wife said she thought I should sit in the shade cause I was getting burned. So now my face and arms are extremely sunburned. You can tell which side of me the sun was on as well because my right arm and right cheek are much pinker than the left. Good times.

My sister Joy came home for Easter weekend yesterday so I drove up to the Varsity to meet her ride and take her the rest of the way home. We drove by our birth place in East Pernt. I’d really like to go back inside the house one day. The hill that it is on seems so small now. It used to be the biggest hill in the world. I guess with erosion and all it’s smaller now ;-). Funny how different things seem from only 2 feet further off the ground. Was good to spend time with the fam last night. They’re the best. My poor dad had to leave for work, which makes me sad.

And speaking of leaving for work, I have to go pack to spend the weekend in Omaha. I’m flying there tonight and coming back Sunday morning. Then it looks like I have to do a nap on Sunday night as well. I’m off Wed – Fri next week though. Even more good times.

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