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… but I’m not a soldier

April 10, 2006

Today is definitely one of those days when I couldn’t possibly love life anymore. I’m feeling sooo much better than I have for the last week. I have just under a month before we got to Costa Rica so it’s (no pun intended) crunch time. J text me this morning and we went and walked for 40 minutes. I can feel how un-well I’ve been because it really wasn’t easy. We were walking really fast but still… The weather is amazing today. It’s warm in the sun with a cool breeze blowing to keep it from getting too hot.

Yesterday is when I really started feeling better. I slept til about noon (sucks cause I missed church for the millionth time lately). Then I went to my parent’s house and ate lunch. My throat and mouth are so much better that I can eat almost anything without excruciating pain. My family is the best. It makes me happy to be around them. They bought me chrystalized ginger that’s supposed to help with motion sickness. My mom and Mook gave me a big bag of jelly bellys they got at the jelly belly factory when they went to CA. My mom also gave me a prescription bottle full of jelly bellys and she had altered the label so it was really funny. She said they were happy pills. not to be up your nose or in your ears. Warning: they may be addictive. produces gotta-have-moreitis. May stick to your ribs.. and all sorts of other funny cute things like that. It’s so weird to only have two kids in their house, though Mook’s friend is there a lot. They can’t get away from kids.
Last night I finished a story I’ve been working on for this contest. I sent it to some of my uber smart friends for suggestions and got some good ones. Need to finish it today or tomorrow.

After I got back from walking I worked out my shoulders and triceps and did 270 crunches. I voluntarily ate oatmeal for the second time in years and years. Been listening to music while I exercise and there are certain songs that just make my heart happy and make me want to dance, air guitar, or just jump around crazy. Or maybe it’s just that my heart is happy today and anything brings it out. I think Alice Cooper’s Poison is such a fabulous song, La Tortura – Shakira, All These Things That I Have Done – The Killers. They just rock my face off. Now it’s some ghetto song “I need a dime, top of the line, cute face, little waist, and a big behind.” I listen to such quality music :-P. I need to go through my music on here cause I’ve got so much stuff I just downloaded looking for something else and a lot of it is crap.

Gotta go order some shoes for Chas’s wedding and I don’t think I can ignore the need to go to Walmart anymore. Ugh…

In case you haven’t noticed – life is good. Hope it is for you as well.

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