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sick is the devil

April 7, 2006

Be warned – pretty much the whole point of this blog is to whine. If you continue reading and you get annoyed with my whining then that’s just too bad cause I warned you.

I’m so tired of feeling bad. I wish that I could either get proper sick or get well. None of this in between crap. My throat has been hurting since Sunday. I’ve been coughing my lungs up every day and every night and I go back and forth between my ears hurting and my head hurting. I couldn’t sleep last night cause if I lay on my back I would start coughing and if i lay on my stomach my throat would hurt. Then I had to get up at 5 to fly people back to Atlanta. My doctor is being a stupid head. I just want a refill of the same prescription I got a few months ago cause I have the same sickness.

I slept about 4 hours last night in Chattanooga. Tonight I’ll be in Houston with a shorter overnight, St. Louis tomorrow night, and Ft. Walton Beach the next night. I didn’t even think it was legal to do 4 naps in a row. Besides being sick naps are the devil. I’ll explain what they are so when I refer to naps in the future there will be no confusion. Usually, when you do a trip and you spend the night somewhere you have to get at least 10 hours on the ground for rest. That’s from 15 min after the plane lands til 45 min before it leaves the next day. On a nap you have less than 9 hours on the ground and you’re considered on duty the whole time so you just do the one flight there and the one back in the morning. The St. Louis nap tomorrow night has 6hr39min on the ground which equals out to about 3something hrs of sleep. After doing a few of these you are absolutely dead. Sure, you get to come home and sleep during the day but it’s just not the same. They aren’t fun when you’re well so they’re even worse when you’re sick. I thought about calling in sick tonight but like I said before, I feel like I should be dying sick to call in and I’m just in the “I feel really bad and don’t want to do anything” stage. Blah.. My coffee from the flight this morning hasn’t worn off yet so I can’t go to sleep but I’m so tired.

All my whininess aside, life is good. I had a mammogram yesterday so I get to keep my breasts another 6 months, which makes me quite happy. I’m kind of attached to them. I played my violin yesterday and am halfway through a book I started the night before last. Even though I’m doing sucky naps at least I know what I’m doing for the next few days and don’t have to sit around wondering (though it’s still subject to change). I got my new uniform dress, skirt, and shirt which are all quite nice. They need some alterations but in general the result is good. I’m going to take some more drugs and go to sleep. Hasta la pasta.

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