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Talk about multi-tasking

March 31, 2006

I’m not sure when it happened. I know it’s something about me. Not something I can blame on my mom, my upbringing, or my friends… Somewhere along the way I became a person that will eat food that is way past the sell by date, food that has been sitting out, other people’s leftovers… just as long as they smell and taste fine still. You’d think I was some starving child from Africa. [A side note about thef 5 second rule – I was watching some tv show the other day that said that it doesn’t matter if it’s been on the floor for 1 second or 20, it will get the same number of germs on it.] This morning I ate leftover pizza from last night. It wasn’t cold pizza because I forgot to put it away so it just sat out all night. Maybe one of these days something will actually make me sick and I’ll stop tempting germs like this.

Not only did I eat the room temperature pizza but I ate it in the shower. Is that weird? Am I the only person who has ever eaten any food in the shower?
I just woke up about an hour ago which bugs me but oh well. I’m going to be sitting at the airport until 2230 tonight, unless they use me, but they rarely do when you’re on ready reserve. Ready reserve has got to be the lamest way to spend a Friday night. Suppose I should go get ready. Pollen season is here and it’s already killing my eyes and nose.

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