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the meltdown

March 30, 2006

The new Ice Age looks really cute. I can’t wait to hear the sloth’s vertical lishp. It’s adorable.

I’ve had another one of the deep questions of life answered for me. First it was the Mormon underwear, then how grills work, and now the whole European ice thing. Just about everytime I have a European on my flight they ask for no ice in their drink. Someone told me it’s because they assume the drinks will be chilled like they are in Europe, but I know for a fact drinks aren’t very cold in Europe. Someone else said it was because they like to get more drink and ice means less drink. So I asked some French ladies the other day and they said it’s because they don’t like their drinks so cold. They say people in the US use too much ice. That was my guess so yay. One less thing to wonder about in life. All these serious questions were really weighing my mind down.

I spent 2 hours today grocery shopping and now I want to die. I’m not sure which part of shopping I hate more. The wandering around for ever, the decision making, or the spending money. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Looks like it’s going to be a crazy fun Thursday night. It’s been so nice sitting at home this week. I did a nap one night and I’m supposed do ready reserve tomorrow and so far that’s it. I guess they could call me tonight and send me somewhere. Hold thumbs they don’t call. I’m getting tired of being on reserve. Did I ever mention that?

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