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Rob the jewelry store, tell ’em make me a grill

March 28, 2006

Is it still insomnia if your sleeplessness is in the morning? I’ve been awake since before 8 and can’t go back to sleep and it’s irritating me. Especially since I only went to sleep at almost 3. It didn’t help that Roomie A was up running around the house yelling about her sister having her baby (not yet but she will soon). And then after she left the neighbor’s stupid dog decides to start barking (again). It makes me so mad cause I’m not crazy about the creatures anyway and when they sit next door and bark all freaking day it drives me insane.

Yesterday morning I slept really, really late and I had the weirdest dream. I can’t remember all the details of it but here’s the general idea: In the beginning of the dream my friends and I were taking care of a baby. It was awful cause the baby would fall off the bed and stuff and noone else seemed to think there was anything wrong with letting that happen. Next part of the dream we’re all riding somewhere together and we have this baby and evidently someone had dropped it off at my door or something. Basically we were trying to figure out who should have it. I wanted it cause I had already been taking care of it (weird) and we were trying to decide what to name it. It was a girl and everyone was calling her Lynn and someone suggested that her middle name be Flyn. I was like, there is no way you’re going to name this child Lynn Flyn. So since I like the name Eva, she was going to be Eva Flyn. No idea where the Flyn came from. Then we were trying to decide whose last name she should have. Next part of the dream I go home and look in my fish tank and there’s a little shelf-like thing on the inside of the tank and a fish was lying on it dead. Somehow the fish was the baby and it had died and noone was sad about it cause it was just a fish but I was very upset cause it was the baby…. The moral of the story is – don’t eat Chinese food before you go to sleep unless you want to have a baby named Lynn Flyn.

I forgot to tell about one of my flights last week that was funny. On Sunday when I did my round trip I flew on the 70 so there was another flight attendant. I thought she looked familiar and figured out that she had gotten TDY’d to Salt Lake the same week in November as me. I had remembered someone mentioning that she was Mormon which I thought was interesting. So we started talking and I asked her about the underwear that Mormons supposedly have to wear. There was discussion recently about who wears them and why and when. She said that any time someone goes through Temple, which would be either before they go on missions or get married, they have to wear them. So we keep talking and I find out that along with her flight attendant job she is a dancer at one of the dance clubs in Atlanta. AND that she had a grill made… Which answered another question I had. I kind of like the song “Grills” but never understood how they could have so many different grills. Hers is gold and goes on 4 of her bottom teeth. She put it in so I could see how it worked. I couldnt look at her again for the rest of the trip without laughing really hard.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. I should probably get up and be about my day. I’ve got things to do and people to see.. Well I mostly need to finish unpacking from CA and get my room clean in case they call me in to work.

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