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I can’t think of a subject and have to leave now

March 24, 2006

Life is funny.. Just a few short days ago I was in such a miserable frame of mind. I was hating everything, my job, the weather, my fellow employees, scheduling, passengers, my life… I know, I know.. I actually love my life. I have a great life, but sometimes you can’t see or feel beyond the moment and you forget that it isn’t always that sucky. Some of the factors continue to plague me, mainly the whole I don’t get paid jack at my job factor, but I am now off work for 4 days in a row (3 left) and enjoying the beautiful weather in San Diego. I flew out here yesterday afternoon, thanks to the job that I so often cursed earlier this week, and will be here until Sunday visiting my friend Roya. I’m so excited because she wants to show me San Diego, and as her little brother so beautifully put it, let me enjoy the full flavor of the city. We’re probably going to go to Mexico tomorrow as well. I hope they stamp my passport so it can stop being empty, but I’m not sure if they do that.
I was supposed to be off Sunday, but as a favor to scheduling (learned my lesson there), I went on reserve when I got back from Kentucky. About an hour later they called me to do a round trip back up to Lexington. So me, being the person that sees more good in people and things than they really deserve credit for, only took my flight bag cause I didn’t really think they’d send me anywhere far. Dumb Grace. I got back from LEX to find out that I was to go to McAllen, TX for the night, come back to ATL, do a Tulsa round trip and then pick up the Syracuse overnight they had already given me for Monday night. So now, instead of being gone for the afternoon I’m going to be gone for 3 days. I was not a happy camper. I got to McAllen that night and got the hotel van to take me to Walmart where I thought I was experiencing a Mexican Christmas Eve. The place was packed like Christmas Eve and I was practically the only English speaking person there. Good times. When we left there the next day it was 90 degrees. The day continued with every flight being delayed, mostly because of weather. I was praying that I wouldn’t have to go to Syracuse because we didn’t get back until 11pm. I got off the plane and checked the flight to Syracuse and it had been delayed until 1148. We didn’t even take off until after 1230. I don’t understand how they expect me to be nice and care about my job when I’ve already been in an airplane for over 6 hours that day. So I didn’t care. I threw drinks at people. Told them to shutup if they complained about being cold. Let them wander around on take off. Had them hold their bags in their laps or put them in the aisles… :-P. Anyway, I’ve never been so happy for a trip to be over. The guys I flew with were nice which always helps but I was loving home sweet home.
Roya just got back from her lab so we’re going to tennis practice. This should be fun. I just got waxed by some Korean lady here which was quite fun as well.. More on all this later. San Diego, here we come!!

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