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As I was saying…

March 24, 2006

This is the part of my job I like. I helped scheduling out on Sunday so now I have until Sunday off which is nice cause usually when I go out of town I have to rush back. The weather here is beautiful. The city is beautiful. I could spend a lot of time out here. I love how it’s sprawling out everywhere. You see the ocean on one side, houses built on all the hills on another side, and the city off in the distance. This morning I slept late then walked down the street and got waxed by some little asian lady. It was different but worth it. It’s so much cheaper out here which is great cause I’m kind of broke. I think maybe I’m weird cause things that bother normal people don’t bother me. It’s nice not to be bothered. I went with Roya to her tennis practice and sat in the sun and read while she did all the worked. I did get on the eliptical machine for a while so I don’t feel completely lazy. Hopefully I got some sun cause I’m tired of being such a pale white girl. That 70s Show is on and it’s fantastic. It makes me happy. I had so much stuff I was going to write and now I’ve forgotten it all. Roya needs to wake up so we can go out and enjoy San Diego.

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