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I just died in your arms tonight…. shoulda walked away

March 7, 2006

My day started off so well. I was awake and out of bed by 830, ate breakfast (bagel with peanutbutter – working on increasing my protien intake), cleaned my room (even dusted all my shelves and was going to vacuum but the bag was impossibly full), and ran for a little bit. It wasn’t long and I really kind of fast walked but the fact that I was out of my pjs when I didn’t have to be and was doing something physically good for me is enough to make me happy. Then I went to work and from 230 til 1030 I sat ready reserve at the airport. I don’t always mind RR. It’s usually a good time to catch up on sleep, see people I haven’t seen in a while, do some knitting, etc… but by 430 I had finished my book, paid my bills, and written some cards, and I was bored out of my head. My stomach was feeling funny which made me not want to sit in the lounge but my feet have been hurting which made me not want to walk around. For once I didn’t feel like sleeping. Some days I go to work and can’t turn around without seeing people I know but today was one of the other kind. And the few people that were around all seemed to be giving me funny looks if I even glanced in the direction of their conversation. I guess they used up all their friendliness on the passengers. One of my most favorite people did come through the airport for a little while which practically made my entire day. I’m so easily pleased. Now I’m home and all is quiet. Roomie A is at her parent’s tonight and I guess Roomie T is sleeping (or just hanigng out in the dark in her room). I got some kind of velour-ish pants at Target the other day for $4.24 and I’m addicted. I wish I could wear them to work. They’re so comfortable and don’t squeeze like the rest of my pants do (my weight has reached an all time high. go me). I’m working on some stories in my head that I need to start writing down. Though I’m glad I didn’t get used while on RR it seems like a monumental waste of a day to sit at the airport. I started a second book but am having a hard time getting into it. I forgot to take any knitting with me as well. It’s just stupid to get all dressed and packed for whatever they might throw at you, just to drag it all back home 8 hours later. It really irritates me how they automatically put the times on here on Pacific time. Oh well. I guess I’ll just change it. So there, myspace. I wasn’t tired today, which makes me very happy.

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