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sunshine, blue skies are coming my way

January 19, 2006

I haven’t blogged in quite a while. I randomly blog elsewhere in a less public place. If you’re interested, and special, maybe I’ll tell you where.

I decided that since I’m having a hide-in-your-hoodie day I’d go to my mental file boxes and dig through the happy memories files. The ones you pull out when the sky is gray, the leaves are soggy on the ground, toes are frozen, and there isn’t a flower to be seen.

Tanya and I have been sitting here watching Return of the King. I like it but it really isn’t doing anything to help my mood. The frosty she just brought me from Wendy’s does help though. What a great friend/roommate!!

As I sit and think of times when it feels like all the world is happy and life couldnt’ be any better they seem to have some common chararcteristics.. music – often loud, but sometimes mellow, fast cars, wind, blue skies, warm weather.. might as well throw in a beach while we’re at it.

The night before last, after I got off work, my flight bag got stolen out of my car. I hate thieves. Twice I’ve been robbed and neither time did they get anything of real value. Always just stuff that meant a lot to me or that was difficult/impossible to replace. This time it was my company id, airport badge, uniform and wings, PASSPORT, drivers license, debit and credit cards, $30, flight attendant manual, knitting needles and scarf I was making for my mom, favorite tweezers (they kept my eyebrows pretty!!), my planner (the only way I ever remember anything), and various toiletries, etc… It’s been a huge pain but ya, life goes on. It always does. I had to call out on my trip yesterday, which sucks, and I’m not sure how that will pan out cause I’m still on probation (had 7 days left), but everything always works out in the end. On the bright side, I had forgotten to bring my glasses so they’re safe and sound and the picture on my passport was really awful.

That 70s show is a little less depressing than Return of the King. Kelso is shockingly stupid. It’s quite humorous. I’m going to find something to eat.

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