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ranch flavored fruit salad

June 24, 2005

Lots of good things are going on in my life right now. Until I stopped to take a break I was sitting all morning making note cards so I can memorize airport codes for my entrance exam into flight attendant training. After a long time waiting I am one step closer to having a real job that meets my requirements – has flight benefits. I’m supposed to start training on July 6 and finish July 25. Unless I do something really stupid I should be fine, right?

I also got another job the same day they called (Tuesday) at a golf course restaurant near here (Arbor Springs). I’m working there Saturday night. We’ll see how that goes. I didn’t ever want to wait tables again but this place is really small and low key but still expensive enough that I should make good money without a lot of craziness.

I also went yesterday with Amie to reserve an apartment to move in August 1. It’d be great to move in sooner but right now I’m pretty much broke and wont’ be making enough money any time soon. Also, when I start training I have to sign something that says I’m willing to relocate to Salt Lake City. I don’t think I will have to but there is still the possibility and I don’t want to sign a lease until I’m sure I’ll be here in Atlanta.

I’m really tired right now but trying to be a mature, productive person and not sleep half the day away. I went to see Mercury Drop last night in the highlands and it was a great show. Have met some surprisingly nice girls and am happy to be expanding my circle of friends. Irina rocks my face off :-).

I think I may be losing my mind. On Tuesday I went almost the entire day with my underwear on backwards.. haha. It at least made my boring evening a little funnier. Then last night at supper I was talking to my mom and without even realizing it I poured ranch dressing onto my fruit salad. I used to say that ranch goes on anything but that’s pretty much not true.. Oh well.

My wrist starts to hurt whenever I type for a while.. Probably not such a good thing. Should figure out why. I need to go make more notecards and start memorizing all this stuff..

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