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I was sitting, waiting, wishing…

June 9, 2005

the UPS guy would get here with my new phone. They tell you that you have to sign for it so basically I’m tied to my house until they decide to deliver it. I did have a productive day of washing and cleaning out my car. I think I got a tan in the process too. I figure I need to get sun while I can before I get a job and don’t see the light of day for another few months. Besides tan fat looks better than white fat right?

My house is really quiet which is nice. Well, that is, except for our cat who is acting super crazy and crawls around all day making funny noises. It scares me cause I find myself talking to her. I tell her “I don’t know what is wrong with you or what to do about it. You don’t like me other times so why do you want to pester me now? You know we aren’t friends so bugger off…” Nothing seems to work. So now I’ve shut her in my parent’s room. She’ll live. There are some really pretty yellow birds on the bird feeder out the window. My dad loves birds and birdfeeders so there is one at practically every window on our house it seems.

I obviously have nothing interesting to talk about. I had my interview yesterday and it went well I think. They finger-printed me and made me pee in a cup so they must want me. Gotta wait til they get my background check. Hopefully they won’t mind those four murders I committed when I was 12. It’s more than 10 years ago so they really shouldn’t care.

Still hating the UPS man… I want Jack Johnson’s albums. When he sings it makes me want to bite him.

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