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queen of the world..

June 7, 2005

You can tell I’m feeling good because all I can think of today is that I’m the queen of the world. I guess life requires the downs so we really feel the ups when they finally do come..

It’s crazy to think how different my life is right now than it was a year ago. Last year around this time I was living in Madrid, Spain. I was part miserable and part, yes, queen of the world. My journal from this part of my stay there was stolen so I can’t exactly what I was doing on this very day but up to this point I had seen the Real Madrid play (Beckham was benched cause of a redcard), gone to a bull fight, spent time wandering Madrid alone and with good friends I had made, gotten my nose pierced, gone dancing, layed in the park, and eaten crazy tapas.. to name a few things. Now that I think about it, I was probably on the metro on my way home from Spanish class. I paid exorbitant amounts of money for internet access and was so lonely I would talk to anyone who I even thought spoke English.. Good times. But there were really good times.

And now… tomorrow morning I’m going for my second interview with ASA Delta Connection to be a flight attendant. Everyone says if they called me for the second interview I’m in. We’ll see. I still have to make it through training. I’m still sharing a room with my now 12 year old sister at my parents house but Lord willing that will change in another month. I did upgrade/downgrade to a mattress on the floor instead of the bottom bunk. Sleeping on the floor may not sound great but at least I don’t have to worry about smashing my head.

So life is good. I finished teaching last week. Got another one of my friends married off last weekend. Am chipping away at my credit card bills and will hopefully have a real job in the next few weeks. I have to run over to Tanya’s to see if she has a skirt I can borrow for the interview tomorrow. I’m not used to going anywhere that I can’t wear flipflops so this is all crazy weird for me.

My cell phone has decided that 3 months was too long for it to function properly so I can’t see the screen now. Therefore I can’t access my address book… THEREFORE.. send me a message and give me your number(s) again if you want me to have it.

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